A place to contemplate and visit the Artworks of talented and young artists.


A place to contemplate and visit the Artworks of talented and young artists.
Art, clients and expertise are the three pillars on which Hichaa is built. The art is at the centre of everything we do here. We believe that the access to beautiful and special objects is an important part of people’s personal and cultural life. Founded in 2005 Iran, today we are a global art business. Serving our clients is our major ambition. We cherish the role that we have earned as cultural stewards of the objects that pass through our hands. Through our close relationships with our clients – be they collectors, art academics, institutions or art enthusiasts ...
Artist : Maryam Zeynaliyan
Title : Self-figure
Size : 100 * 139.5 cm
material : mix media
Price : 199,000,000ریال
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Artist : Raziyeh Vejdani Moghadam
Title : A faded world in the background of designs
Size : 207 * 150 cm
material : acrylic
Price : 349,000,000ریال
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Artist : Mohammad Mahdi Zolfaghari
Title : The Kings Crown
Size : 43 * 64 cm
material : brass,stone,nickel
Price : 449,000,000ریال
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Artist : Masoud Saffar
Title : Arch of Letters
Size : 90 * 120 cm
material : acrylic
Price : 359,000,000ریال
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Artist : Fateme Zahmati
Title : Hadivash
Size : 174 * 210 cm
material : metal
Price : 3,990,000,000ریال
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Artist : Fateme Montazeri
Title : A miniature garden on a car’s exhaust
Size : 18 * 114 cm
material : gquache and acrylic
Price : 899,000,000ریال
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Love forever

A light on seven decades of professional life of the world’s best-selling living female artist Yayoi Kusama is the world’s best-selling living female artist who is still painting at the age of 93 in the mental health hospital where she has been living voluntarily since 1970s. Some of her latest artworks are on display alongside […]
From form and color to environmental concerns An exhibition at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany, examines the depiction of plants in visual arts. The exhibition “Green Modernism: A New Perspective on Plants” raises the question that what plants mean to human. This collection of artworks in the exhibition takes the audience to the beginning […]
Abbas Nasleshamloo (Painter & Sculptor Artist) was born in 1982, Torbat-e Jam , Iran.Graduated with honors in Painting from College of Fine Arts, ...
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About: Ali Razghandi was born in 1987 in Sabzevar, Iran. He started painting on his own and without receiving any education after he had obtained the associate’s degree in graphic design in 2004, and started his professional job in 2008. He has participated in several group and individual exhibitions having been held both inside and […]
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About: Azin Zolfaghari (painter & graphic Designer) was born in 1982, Neyshabour, Iran. She Graduated with honors in Painting from Tehran Art University, Iran. Group Exhibitions: Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018Saless Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2018Radin Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Display two artworks in the digital section of the Diane Museum of San Francisco, USA, 2016Shirin […]
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Mohsen Kavousi (painter Artist) was born in 1984, Mashhad, Iran. Solo Exhibitions:Sayeh Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2016Radin Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2015 Group Exhibitions:Saba Cultural center, Tehran, Iran, 2018Rezvan Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Roshd Art Gallery, Mashhad, Iran, 2018Fine Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2016Idel Art Gallery, Turkey, 2016
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